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>> there was a lot of -- a lot -- >> hurricane earl sweeps up the coast. tonight the storm's impact on ocean city and what you can expect this weekend. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> just moments ago, hurricane earl became tropical storm earl. even though it lost power, it kick up waves. this is a look at ocean city. people along the coast are starting to feel and see the affects of earl. tonight we have extensive coverage. adam may road out the wind and rain in ocean city. we begin with bob turk who's at the weather center. >> we still have rain and it is
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still a formittable storm. we have a nice display of all this rain. rain all the way up into portions of maine, that will continue to move off to the east and northeast. the latest track continues to take it up to eastern sections of canada. the wind now down to the upper 60s, below hurricane force. here we have the makings of a wonderful weekend. thank you bob. even though earl's eye never made landfall in maryland. adam may shows us what it looked like when earl hit. >> reporter: ocean city was beared the brunt of the storm but dangerous water conditions continue in the resort town. at the height of the storm in ocean city, giant waves slammed into the beach. emergency patrol surfs battled. >> waves are the biggest i've
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ever seen. pretty eerie. >> reporter: dangerous rip tides prompted officials to prohibit swimming for the second day in a row. but some risked it any way. >> it's crazy, we've never experienced anything like this, the waves are nice. >> reporter: one man was even arrested for skinny dipping with hurricane earl. the hurricane became a tourist attraction to see waves like this. >> the waves are absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: hurricane earl could have damaged beach front business if it wasn't for a million dollars spent every year on beach restoration projectless. they keep the dunes high and the water where it belongs. >> there is a lot of properties along the ocean front that is very vulnerable. now they have a natural buffer and it has really made a difference. >> reporter: by afternoon, it was tourists not water flooding
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back to the boardwalk. more than a quarter of a million people are headed out to the beaches. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. stay with wjz on what was once hurricane earl. go to police arrest a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old after a gun is found inside one of the city's top performing schools. other students reported seeing the gun at kipps ugima. school officials found the gun in the boy's backpack. the boys are in the custody of their parents tonight. an armed man with a bomb strapped to his body. that's what frantic callers describe to a 911 operator. wjz is live and tonight kelly
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mcpherson shares more of the recording just released by police. >> reporter: those calls reveal that people inside the building took it upon themselves to shut down the elevators, shut down go into lock down mode and make announcements over the pa system to keep fellow employees safe and it also shows that many people saw this gunman with the gun in the lobby. >> looks like he's got a bomb strapped to him. >> where are you located? >> there's a hostage on discovery building. discovery building, there's someone in the building with gun. >> reporter: 911 calls during the altercation paint a scene. someone describes lee as an exterminator with chemicals struck to his back pouring
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things on the ground. >> we're in the cafeteria. >> it should be on lock down, i think he pressed the panic alarm. >> reporter: police arrived to negotiate with lee. >> i can see people on the floor. building. >> there's people on the floor in the building? >> yes, i can see it. >> reporter: officers entered the building. >> i am directly behind the suspect. and there's a wall between me and him. i have visual, via the camera system. i see a flashing red light around his waste. >> reporter: after that last transmission, police shot and killed lee. they say they heard a pop and thought he fired his bomb, lee was arrested before at this same sight for protesting how discovery channel covers environmental issues. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz news. no one was injured during the stand off. the three hostages later told police they were devising a
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plan on how to escape from lee. investigators say a fire was intentionally set. the fire started before 2:00 this morning at a townhome. you can see the home is badly damaged. estimated about $140,000. the mother and baby were asleep when the fire started, but were able to get out safely. fire investigators asking anyone with information to call them. the number of americans without a job is still rising. but the president says there is a silver lining. the unemployment rate is now 8.6% but business are hiring more workers than expected. 1,600 workers were hired last month. with the jobs news and strong reports help give wall street it's first winning week in a month.
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the dow gained 128 points today. in the 60s it was beatle mania. fast forward to 2010 and it's beiber mania. he in hours will invade maryland. new tonight, weijia jiang explains why beiber fever is a good thing for maryland. >> reporter: this is absolutely a fever that we all want to catch because the symptoms make maryland's economy a whole lot healthier. a certain string of fever. >> i even made my own teacher and shirt that says beiber fever. >> reporter: beiber fever as in wild for teen heartthrob justin beiber who will be performing in this state tomorrow night. in april, 12,000 tickets sold out in 18 minutes at 47.50 a pop. though some are available online and now you have to shell out double or triple that. fair organizers say it's a
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phenomenon they've never seen resulting in a huge economic boost not only for vendors but for the entire state. >> food and travel, i think that's great. >> reporter: if you don't have beiber fever or you don't know who justin beiber is don't feel bad because you're not alone. >> do you have beiber fever. >> what's beiber fever. >> do you know who justin beiber is. >> is that that little kid. >> reporter: that so called little kid from canada has been an international chart stopper than r & b star usher found his videos on you tube. three years ago, the 16-year- old posted several clips which quickly wracked up millions of the hits. >> like baby, baby. >> even david letterman gives him shout outs. >> all right who wants justin
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beiber tickets. >> reporter: not only his music is hot, his hairdo is also a hit. >> i started growing it out like a month ago. >> reporter: because of justin beiber. >> pretty much. >> reporter: we're live at the state fairgrounds, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. all along i was thinking that bob ehrlick was the inspiration for the hairdo. >> reporter: he looks great, i know. >> beiber's latest album has been in stores for less than a year. >> i'm trying to picture you
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with that hairdo. >> don't. and coming up, controversial assignment, lesson learned. why a teacher is behind bars. a beautiful labor day weekend shaping up. i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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we have a live picture right now from south hampton where tropical storm earl is churning the surf a little bit. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a small plane stalled and nose dive into the roof of a house south of portland today. the 70-year-old pilot was practicing take offs and landings near the airport when his plane crashed. neighbors say the noise sounded like a two vehicle collision. police are still investigating what made the plane crash. the 7.4 event quake in new zealand struck west of christ church and was felt throughout much of the south island and part of the north island.
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the city's airport was shut down as a precaution. officials say there have been no immediate reports of casualties. the victim of a horrific acid attack made her first public appearance today. >> my heart stopped, i almost passed out. >> reporter: stephanie storo was walking to starbucks in vancouver washington when a stranger approached her and threw a cup of acid at her. the 23-year-old suffered severe burns to her face. the sunglasses she was wearing at the time of the attack probably saved her from going blind. police are still looking for her attacker. on wednesday, bethany underwent surgery to remove burned skin in her face. the sweeney's lead the
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nation and they've flown the coop. the heenies used to live in colorado and have now moved to florida. the owner of their rental home say they left it in a mess. parents were outraged when they learned the teacher at drew miller middle school told eighth graders to define curse words. a letter was sent home that the teacher was using a website called teaching tolerance as an attempt to inappropriate language in school. many candidates are focusing on the general election. we have more on the republican candidate for u.s. senate who has created a unique imagine of a long time incumbent. >> reporter: eric ward's tv ad shows insiders and the origin
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of the species for more than 30 years in congress. >> this is an insidesaurus. like harry reed, nancy pelosi. >> reporter: queen anne's county man to hear him tell him. a county commissioner that everybody is looking for. >> i think i'm the candidate who's ready for these times. >> reporter: as seen on this you tube video posted on her campaign website, mcculsky isn't ready to give up that seat. >> what are your friend? i say i'm not shy, and i'm not retiring. >> reporter: mcculskey is the most known republican of the state. >> it taps right into the mood
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of the country and the mood of marylanders that entransit incumbents are part of the problem not the solution. >> reporter: and mccuslkey describes herself as a fighter. and says those skills should never go instinct. i will always put my trust in the great people of our state. ward has a measure of trust of his own. >> we don't look at it as a long shot. we just look at it as we're behind. >> reporter: voting for that september e election started today. as for facing the entire electorate in november. let's just say somebody's little high heels are pretty well dug in. reporting, i'm pat warn, now back the you on television hill. a rasmussen poll has
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mccluskey ahead. a sparkling welcome for the arrival of an iconic iconic jewelry store. tiffany jewelry company arrived. the company was founded in 1837. you're going to be doing a lot of shopping at tiffany's? >> i b ob? >> i don't think so, i wish them all the luck in the world. the winds have shifted to the west-northwest. the barometer on the way back up. 73 in cumberland.
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75 hagerstown. mostover the rain was offshore, luckily for them. what's left of earl, just a tropical storm. it continues to head to the east northeast up to eastern canada, taking the clouds and rain with it. it's still raining quite heavily as you mentioned in rhode island and portions of maine. by tomorrow it'll be way to our northwest. what we have coming in is drier air with a front off to the west of us. that's going to bring in a beautiful weekend for the entire region. there's the front this afternoon through ohio with some showers but it totally washed out. basically a wind change and air mass change for us. that means very pleasant, low humidity, sunshine. enjoy that as earl goes away, a new air mass comes in to
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replace it. so cooler and pleasant conditions saturday and sunday, just a little bit warmer for monday. a little warmer even on tuesday and wednesday. may get back up to 90 degrees, one or two more times. small craft advisory out there tomorrow. tonight, pleasant night. mid-50s, a few clouds. 52 in some suburban areas. low humidity, a very pleasant but pleasing afternoon. look at those low's, 53, 52. 91 tuesday and wednesday. turning cooler again for the rest of the week. an important raven may not be readty for the upcoming season. >> mark has the latest coming up in sports. ♪
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it's for real next time
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they play. >> it's a restless night for players with cuts tomorrow. each team gets to keep 53 players with their practice squad. there's news tonight about ed reed. the ravens safety will not be on the active roster, instead he's placed on the physically unable to perform list as he continues to recover. being on the list means reed will have to sit out at least the first six games. reed is yet to practice this preseason while recovering from an operation to have his hip reconstructed. first game ten days away. our pregame kick off coverage comes your way 6:30 here on
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wjz. steelers qb ben roethlisberger had his penalty reduced. the four games roth roethlisberger will include a meeting with the ravens in pittsburgh october 21st. andal and tampa bay is in town. matt garza said he would come to baltimore with his hair on fire and stuff it down their throats. well, garza kept his word. played very well against the o's. they talk the talk and walk the walk. 4-1 final, the o's have lost
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the series. returning along volley through her legs. it's dangerous but effective. she's advanced to the ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's a sight you probably never thought you would see. two goats had been stuck on a ledge for several hours. they say the goats are a little dehydrated but hungry but other wise they are fine. okay, a memphis woman might have a good reason not to take the rings off her fingers again. diane buckles cat snuck into
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the bathroom and knocked her four carat engagement and wedding ring into the toilet. one more flush would have sent the ring to the city ,,,,,,,,,,,
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letterman is next with tom

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